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Update about the Environmental Restoration of Picatinny Arsenal
Community Update Newsletter

Community Update Newsletter Issuance

Typically issued quarterly.

Community Update Purpose

Throughout the years various members of the general public had specifically requested that they be included in a community outreach information effort intended to provide current information about the environmental restoration effort at Picatinny Arsenal. Accordingly, to provide the public with a brief but technically informed and accurate update about the environmental restoration of Picatinny Arsenal a community update newsletter is prepared on behalf of the PAERAB.

The board voted on and passed a motion to provide regular "cleanup" information updates to the County of Morris and to the governing bodies of interested communities located adjacent to Picatinny Arsenal. Individuals desirous of receiving community update newsletters are welcome to be included in the newsletter's distribution list.

Newsletter Compilation

A community update newsletter essentially consists of technical analyses and reviews of all relevant information concerning the environmental restoration of Picatinny Arsenal. Incidental articles pertaining to topics indirectly related to the environmental restoration of the arsenal are also included; for example: federal and state of New Jersey interagency cleanup agreements, the history of the establishment of restoration advisory boards (RAB) and technical review committees, the past and current deliberations of the FFERDC and the establishment of federal cleanup policies, the design of the PAERABís website, vapor intrusion, etc.

The primary sources of information referred to in a community update newsletter are those of the principal environmental restoration partners (US Army, NJDEP, USEPA) and by contractors issuing documents on their behalf. Additional sources of information are the following : USAEC, USATHEMA, USGS, etc.

Included in the preparation of a community update newsletter are technical analyses and document reviews conducted by the TAPP Contractor on behalf of the community members of the PAERAB. These include analyses of field activities at the arsenal and of the results of technical environmental partnering meetings. TAPP generated documents are distributed internally to members of the PAERAB as RAB documents similar to those documents typically generated by the principal environmental restoration partners and by their respective contractors.

A community update newsletter typically consists mainly of verbatim excertps of RAB documents and brief but technically informed reviews with minimal paraphrasing for purposes of brevity and accuracy of the contents of RAB documents, RAB presentations, correspondence, technical meeting minutes and comments regarding them with explanatory references to relevant information sources.

Also included in community update newslettters are notices of relevant environmental events, of training / educational opportunities and of new or revised Federal or State regulations. These are provided by various sources such as the US Army, the NJDEP, the USEPA, the ITRC and the TAPP Contractor.

Prior to issuance, a draft newsletter is subjected to an editorial review process that is intended to assure the technical accuracy, completeness, relevance and objectivity of that community update newsletter.

Editorial Review

To assure the accuracy, objectivity and relevance of a community update newsletter's contents the Editorial Reviewers committee, which is comprised of community members of the PAERAB, is charged with the responsibility of reviewing that newsletter with critical technical input from the Technical Advisers committee.

The Technical Advisers committee consists of the official representatives to the PAERAB of all of the principal environmental restoration partners concerned with the environmental restoration effort at Picatinny Arsenal: the U.S. Army, the NJDEP and the USEPA.

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