·  The next RAB meeting is scheduled for June 15th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rockaway, New Jersey from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

·   The meeting agenda is expected to include a discussion of the MMRP and its relevance to Picatinny Arsenal.

·   The annual election of the community co-chair will be conducted at the June 15th RAB meeting.

· Members of the public, including current and retired Picatinny Arsenal employees, are sought to contribute information to the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) for its historical records review.


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Text Box: The Picatinny Arsenal Environmental Restoration Advisory Board’s TAPP Contractor presents


Volume 3, issue 2

Text Box: Environmental Happenings
At Picatinny Arsenal
Text Box:  IN THE FIELD…..
Text Box: Recent field activities for February and March 2006 included the following:
Southern Boundary Area Groundwater  Investigation:  Pressure transducers installed in various monitoring wells along the southern boundary of the installation were checked for proper  operation.

Text Box: 600 Area Groundwater Investigation:  Geophysical logging of recently drilled monitoring well boreholes in the 600 building area was performed.
ESTCP Groundwater Pilot Study:  Drilling locations in the 800 building area were demarcated. Geoprobe  soil

Text Box: borings were installed along with a monitoring well behind Building 823. The newly installed monitoring well (157MS-6S) was sampled.
Site 20/24:  The quarterly Land Use Controls Implementation Plan (LUCIP) site inspection was performed.

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Text Box: total area of 1,964 acres were initially identified. This inventory was later amended in 2005 to include an additional 4,000 acres.  As part of the site investigation (SI) the ranges within the 4,000 acres of non-operational area will be reviewed for eligibility to be included in the MMRP.  
The inventory process utilized Risk Assessment Code (RAC) Analysis.  Worksheets are completed by the investigators; the worksheets consist of a series of questions regarding the subject site.  The analysis is formatted in three sections:  hazard severity (type of ordnance, pyrotechnics value, presence of bulk high explosives, bulk propellants, and chemical warfare 

Text Box: On April 6, 2006 representatives of Picatinny Arsenal, the NJDEP, the USEPA, the Army Environmental Center (AEC), the Army Corps of Engineers, and Malcom Pirnie, Inc. were present for the kickoff meeting of the MMRP site inspection at Picatinny Arsenal. The meeting was held at the NJDEP offices in Trenton.  Michael Glaab, RAB Community Co-chair, and Barbara Dolce, TAPP contractor, were also present at the meeting. The program will cover all ranges deemed inactive as of September 30, 2002. An inventory of sites completed in December 2003 by Malcom Pirnie is the basis for the site inspection; 12 ranges with a

Text Box: Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) Kickoff
Text Box: materiel and radiological weapons), hazard probability (area, extent, and accessibility of hazard), and risk assessment. The risk assessment code is based on the Hazard Probability and Hazard Severity values.
The sites that are included in the program as a result of the completed inventory are listed below.
1,000-meter Impact Range – 0.2 acres
1,000-meter Impact Range – 0.3 acres
1926 Explosion Site – 1,028 acres
Bear Swamp/Green Pond Site – 8 acres
Dredge Pile/Landfill at Site 25/26 – 9 acres
Former DRMO Yard –           2 acres
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