Text Box: Performance-based contracts (PBC) are   increasingly being used by the Army and, also other branches of the military, for environmental projects. Picatinny is expected to be added to the roster of bases where PBCs are employed. A meeting and site tour was held at Picatinny on December 1st through December 3rd for the purpose of assessing the viability of PBCs for the various 
Text Box: Aberdeen base, the Army entered into a $17.9 million PBC for groundwater cleanup with a private contractor. IAP costs to accomplish the same objective were estimated at $27 million. AEC experts will prepare a report summarizing their evaluation of the base and recommendations on which sites are favorable for PBC.  AEC will make a final decision on which sites should be 
Text Box: Performance-Based Contracting – Determining the Path Forward


· About a dozen RAB members, guests, and support staff attended the field trip at Picatinny on October 7, 2004.  At the culmination of the trip the group was able to enjoy the scenic panorama atop the Precision Armaments tower at the base – 215 feet above the ground!

· A technical meeting was held on October 20, 2004 between representatives of Picatinny, the USEPA, the NJDEP, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Shaw Environmental.  Subsurface Solutions LLC attended the meeting as did community co-chair, Michael Glaab. 

· A public meeting to solicit public input on the proposed plans for Area E groundwater, Site 22, and Site 25/26 was held on December 8, 2004.  Deadline for comments - January 8, 2005.

· Representatives of the USEPA including Bill Roach and John Malleck, Branch Chief, visited Picatinny on October 28, 2004 to discuss the status of several sites and to evaluate expedited review of key documents by USEPA upper management.

Groundwater standards


Soil Standards


Sodium Lactate At Site 78


Site 2 treated with Nano-iron


To Reuse or not to Reuse (Soil)



HRC Pilot Studies at Areas B and D


Hot Off the Press


Text Box: The Picatinny Arsenal Environmental Restoration Advisory Board’s TAPP Contractor presents
Text Box: December 2004
Text Box: Volume 1, issue 4
Text Box: Environmental Happenings
At Picatinny Arsenal
Text Box: IN THE FIELD…..
Text Box: Recent field activities for October, November and December 2004 include the following:

Area E:  Groundwater sampling as part of long-term monitoring.
Area B:  groundwater sampling.
Text Box: 600 Area:  Investigation focuses on the 660 area located near the production well. Drilling in various areas and installation of a bedrock monitoring well near Bldg. 641G.
Area D:  groundwater sampling.
Text Box: Site 20/24:  Cutting of phragmites around cap.
Sump/Dry Well Investigation:  Excavation, sampling, and backfilling at various areas.
Bldg. 31/33:  Groundwater sampling to evaluate effects of ORC injection.
Next PageText Box: environmental sites at the base. Experts from the Army Environmental Center ( AEC ) as well as AEC consultants convened to evaluate what sites lend  themselves to PBCs.  Richard Isaac, Army Environmental Center (AEC), stated at the October 2004 
Text Box: technical meeting that the government finds contractor “costs to complete” are approximately 25 percent below Army projected costs. As an example, Mr. Isaac 
Text Box: included in a PBC and then the job of preparing a scope of work will be sent to the Army’s procurement experts. The work is still expected to be solicited in 2005. Once such a contract is let, the successful  bidder will be responsible for designing and implementing remedial activities and responding to the regulatory agencies. However, approval for implementation still rests with the Army. Additional information can be found at the AEC website at http://www.aec.army.mil/usaec/cleanup/pbc00.html . Frequently asked questions are listed on the website. Text Box: ????????????