Text Box: A “draft final” copy of the Proposed Plan for Site 22 was issued on January 16, 2004; both the USEPA and the NJDEP received copies.  Site 22 is located in the western part of Area E.  The site consists of an area where two unlined sand filter lagoons and one unlined sludge drying bed (jointly referred to as the surface impoundment unit) were formerly located.  Wastewater from degreasing and cleaning with chlorinated solvents (part of metal plating for printed circuit board manufacturing) in nearby Building 95 was treated in underground storage tanks then routed to the surface impoundment units.  Wastewater from the surface impoundment unit was discharged to Green Pond Brook via a drainage ditch through the sand filter lagoon.  Institutional controls are the Army’s preferred remedial alternative at

Text Box: a total estimated lifetime (30 years) cost of $57,000.  In May 2003, a decision was made not to finalize the associated Feasibility Study (FS).  However, the Army Environmental Center has taken the position that a proposed plan and Record of Decision (ROD) should be supported by a FS (even in the case where the preferred remedy is institutional controls).  The position has widespread repercussions as there are a relatively large number of sites that appear to be suited to the institutional control remedy.  Such a position can result in delays in site closure and added expenditures.  The Site 22 Feasibility Study was issued in “final” form in February 2004.  Army representatives report that it is their intention to issue a public notice for the proposed plan in June or July of this year. 
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March 2004:  Comments on the Proposed Plan for Site 34 (Lower Burning Grounds) were submitted by the TAPP contractor on behalf of the PAERAB.
The next proposed plan to be issued is expected to be that for Site 22.
A technical meeting was attended by representatives of the USEPA, NJDEP, PAERAB and Picatinny Arsenal on March 30th. 
The next PAERAB meeting will be scheduled for early June.




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Text Box: The Picatinny Arsenal Environmental Restoration Advisory Board’s TAPP Contractor presents
Text Box: April 2004
Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1
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At Picatinny Arsenal
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Text Box: Recent field activities for March 2004 include the following:
Site 78 Groundwater Treatability Study:  Groundwater samples were collected at various monitoring wells.

Text Box: Lead Removal Action:  A UXO clearance survey was performed at Building 3109 followed by clearing and grubbing of the area for the lead removal action.

Text Box: Bear Swamp Brook Sedimentation Basins Removal Action:  Sediment was removed from the site and equipment was demobilized from the area.
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