Text Box: The NJDEP recently issued proposed soil standards.  The proposal appeared in the July 19, 2004 issue of the New Jersey Register.  The extended comment period will close on October 18, 2004.  The newly proposed standards are much different in format from the standards currently in use.  The new standards retain a “residential” and “non-residential” category for the soil standards.  However, the values of the standards differ depending on the route of exposure.  The values are for the ingestion-dermal route of exposure and the inhalation route of exposure.  The values for the inhalation route of exposure are further categorized into the following:  residential, non-residential – less than 2 acres, and non-residential – greater than 2 acres.  There remains a category for impact to groundwater.  An RI is required for sites where any sample has a concentration exceeding the lowest applicable standard for the 

Text Box: ingestion-dermal or inhalation route of exposure.  If there are exceedances of the impact to groundwater (IGW) standard then an RI is required.  However, an Alternate Remediation Standard (ARS) can also be petitioned for.  The NJDEP has revised some of the assumptions used to calculate the various standards.  Further detail on the basis for the proposed revisions will appear in a future issue of the newsletter.  For now the interested reader can obtain a full copy of the proposed standards and basis and background documents at the following website: www.state.nj.us/dep/srp.  It is likely that enactment of changes is at least a couple years away.  The NJDEP will need to respond to comments on the changes.  In the case of significant amendments to the proposal as a result of comments it is possible that the proposal may be re-issued in revised form.   Continued on page 3. 
Text Box: New Soil Standards Proposed by DEP


· A technical meeting attended by representatives of the USEPA, NJDEP, PAERAB and Picatinny was held on October 20th.

· Contact members of the newsletter editorial committee - Dave Forti, Michael Glaab, Courtenay Huff, and Walter Krich  - with  comments and suggestions for future issues.

· A  field trip for RAB members was held on October 7th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.


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Text Box: The Picatinny Arsenal Environmental Restoration Advisory Board’s TAPP Contractor presents
Text Box: September 2004
Text Box: Volume 1, issue 3
Text Box: Environmental Happenings
At Picatinny Arsenal
Text Box: IN THE FIELD…..
Text Box: Recent field activities for July and August 2004 include the following:
Southern Boundary Area:  Groundwater sampling & installation of transducers for monitoring water levels.
600 Area:  Conduct packer tests and

Text Box: collect samples from the AWDF well.
Area B:  groundwater sampling for treatability study.
Area D:  groundwater sampling for treatability study.
Green Pond Brook:  Collection of surface-water samples in lower portions.
Text Box: Building 24:  Groundwater sampling overseen by NJDEP Enforcement as a RCRA inspection.
Site 78:  collection of groundwater samples for treatability study.
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