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New Documents and Correspondence

Assorted Documents

Air Monitoring
Documents at Picatinny Arsenal

Many documents pertaining to the environmental restoration effort at Picatinny Arsenal are available on this website. Some documents are physically available to the public at local libraries. Due to their sheer volume and such constraints as limited library shelf space some documents are neither available on this website nor are they available at local libraries. Upon request documents may be retrieved for review from Picatinny Arsenal's own official document repository.

Please contact the following:

Mr. Ted Gabel

5 Year Review
Institutional and/or Engineering Controls
Interagency Agreements
Policy Review
Residential Community Initiative
Technical Meeting Minutes
Vapor Intrusion

For additional information about vapor intrusion we refer the reader to the following page of this website :


Area B
Area C
Area D
Area E
Former DRMO Yard
Group 1 Sites
Group 3 Sites
PICA 111
          ATTACHMENTS (PDF) :

            PICA 111 FS (April 2010) - 7 Mb PDF

            Appendices - 8.5 Mb PDF

Site 78
          ATTACHMENTS (PDF) :

            Appendix C2 - Groundwater Trend Plots

            Appendix C2 - Surface Water Trend Plots

            Site 78 Draft Final ROD March 2011

600 Area
Skeet Range
25 Sites Group
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