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submitting requests to state officials, both within and without the NJDEP, to implement necessary corrective measures. The board synergistically offered its assistance and it included those officials in the TAPP Newsletter mailing list. Some of these officials were formally invited to personally address the matter at a public board meeting.  In response, the NJDEP eventually implemented several helpful measures. Some of these were essentially administrative while others were related to a systemic restructuring effort then being conducted by the NJDEP.  Among the measures taken was the retention of a uniquely qualified contractor to focus exclusively

Text Box: It had been related in previous issues of this newsletter that  the NJDEP’s official representative to the PAERAB, Mr. Greg Zalaskus who possesses uniquely specialized knowledge of munitions, had on several occasions explained to that board during its meetings that the NJDEP lacked sufficient resources including suitably qualified personnel to permit it to more expeditiously examine and respond to documents relating to the environmental remediation of Picatinny Arsenal. Apparently few have the expertise required for the remediation of munitions and/or MEC contaminated sites. As a result the PAERAB finally interceded by

on UXO issues:



Mr. Jim Pastorick


Alexandria, Virginia



For example, Mr. Pastorick was tasked with review of the Remedial Action Report for the former DRMO Yard ICM site. Mr. Pastorick’s comments dated October 23, 2010 were primarily editorial in nature and related to such clerical issues as noting missing field logs. Editorial comments related to the presence of  “non-standard terminology used throughout the document.”  Mr. Pastorick also noted some discrepancies between statements in different parts of the text.  Overall, incorporation of changes

suggested by Mr. Pastorick should improve the readability and clarity of the document. Picatinny Arsenal responded to the NJDEP’s comments on December 1, 2010.  The Arsenal clarified some of the items called to question by the NJDEP’s contractor and agreed to correct editorial issues.  In some cases explanation provided in the response to comments was sufficient to resolve the matter. If  the NJDEP accepts the comments the Army will provide a revised report that incorporates agreed to comments.


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600 Area:  Installation of Gore Sorbers for passive gas soil survey.  (December)

The Interagency Agreement (IAG) schedule was updated for December 2010 and submitted to the USEPA and the NJDEP by Picatinny Arsenal. Mr. Ted Gabel, Project Manager for Environmental Restoration


at Picatinny Arsenal, noted what he considered to be the highlights of the items in the schedule.  Those highlights are as follows:

  • Submittal of the 5-Year Review in March 2011;



  • Highest priority regulatory review for 25 Site FS for PICA 01;
  • Data from the Mid-Valley investigation will be provided 2 weeks  before a technical meeting; 




Iag schedule updated

  •  2010 Annual Reports will replace the 2009 Annual Reports submitted in 2010 and not yet reviewed.
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