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  Mr. Louis Correale of the Rockaway Township Health Department recently announced that he would be retiring from his position with Rockaway Twp. as well as his long-standing position on the PAERAB. The RAB profusely thanks Mr. Correale for  his many years of service to the community as a member of the RAB. Michael Glaab, the PAERAB’s Community Co-chmn. notes that “...Lou Correale contributed immeasurably to the deliberations of the RAB. He could be counted on to contribute to our analytical discussions with insightful and thought provoking questions. His suggestions were constructive  and practical. Lou’s expertise as a health professional familiar with both health and environmental issues benefited the RAB. He will be missed ”.



In lieu of the able service of Mr. Correale as Rockway’s official representative, Ms. Diane Trocchio of the Rockaway Township Health Dept. has been submitted to the PAERAB for consideration as Rockaway’s  designated official representative.

Accordingly, Ms. Trocchio attended the previous public  meeting of the PAERAB wherein she was  introduced to the board and contributed to the evening’s deliberations. At that time she  expressed her desire to serve on the board and to assume the seat vacated by Mr. Correale

Individuals designated to serve on the board are required by


the bylaws to attend at least two public  meetings prior to calling a vote to approve membership. Membership votes are conducted in accord with Robert’s Rules of order complete with a motion to nominate followed by a second. Ms. Trocchio is expected to attend the upcoming June 25 meeting at which time her membership approval vote is expected to occur. Michael Glaab comments “… Ms. Trocchio’s participation - and in particular - her specific expertise and valuable experience on Rockaway’s Health Dept. are more than welcome and should be of benefit to the environmental remediation effort at Picatinny Arsenal. We  also welcome Ms. Lisa Voyce who was formally approved and voted into the PAERAB during its previous meeting to serve as a Community at Large member. Ms. Voyce was





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The latest work in the 600 area focused on investigation of RDX detections in surface water and groundwater at Site 11. A primary purpose was to determine the source of the RDX seemingly migrating to the pond (“Site 11 Pond”) located at the head of the drainage in Site 11. The results presented in the latest report (“600 Area RDX Investigation Data Report”) dated April 2009 were from a field investigation involving installation of a new bedrock well, water-level



measurements, collection of six shallow and deep soil samples from around the pond, collection of four sediment samples, and collection of three surface-water samples. Shaw Engineering concluded that groundwater was not the source of RDX to the Site 11 Pond and that surface water had not affected downgradient groundwater at the newly installed bedrock well.    Although the results of this investigation did not disclose the source of RDX in a number of wells Shaw did conclude that the soil around the pond was probably not the source of RDX in



surface water. In addition, RDX was not detected in this round of sediment samples nor was it detected in previous pond and stream sediment samples. Therefore Shaw has ruled out sediment as a source of RDX in surface water. No further action was recommended in regard to this investigation for several reasons as follows: low RDX concentrations in groundwater and surface water, intermittent nature of RDX detections in groundwater and surface water, and extent of RDX contamination delineated



in groundwater and surface water. The Army/Arcadis has

informed the RAB that the USEPA had recently provided its approval in an e-mail dated June 11 of 2009. Specifically, the Army/Arcadis cites the following statement in that e-mail: “The report’s conclusion of no further action (NFA) is appropriate…” The Army/Arcadis further assert that the NJDEP approved the Feasibility Study for the 600 Hill Groundwater in an e-mail dated June 10 of 2009. 

recommended by Ted Gabel our other RAB Co-chmn. and her resume does cite extensive experience as an environmental engineer with such issues as waterfront development, “Brownfields” redevelopment,  groundwater and water quality, risk assessment and CERCLA compliance. Individuals  possessing environmental expertise who are also capable of  representing the community while objectively assisting the Arsenal’s remediation effort are especially welcome”. Each town and township adjacent to the Arsenal appoints someone to officially represent it on the board. To assure full community representation on the PAERAB the board’s community members are empowered by the RAB’s charter to vote in additional members to represent the  community  at large.


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