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Technical Assistance for Public Participation

The TAPP - Technical Assistance for Public Participation program is a DOD program that provides a mechanism for community members of Restoration Advisory Boards and Technical Review Committees to obtain technical assistance. Its purpose is to provide citizen and/or community groups with professionals to assist them in their review of environmental issues at military installations. For example, a TAPP process may involve helping the public understand environmental remediation alternatives by providing an unbiased technical analysis and recommendation.

How Does TAPP Work?

The Community members of a RAB (restoration advisory board) or of a TRC (technical review committee) select a task specifically intended to enable them to more effectively participate in and assist their installation's environmental restoration program. Community members apply for TAPP funding through the DoD (Department of Defense) Co-chairman of their RAB or TRC. In accordance with federal statutory requirements it is the responsibility of the DoD to prepare a Statement of Work and to actually procure a technical assistance provider for the RAB or TRC. Community members of the RAB or TRC may be requested to support the procurement process by reviewing and providing comment on potential providers if more than one meets the established criteria. DoD TAPP advisory documents assert that because the TAPP program takes advantage of an accelerated procurement procedure using purchase orders support of the RAB or TRC should become available within a very short time after its need has been established.

TAPP Newsletter

The TAPP Newsletter is intended to provide the community members of the PAERAB with timely updates about newly drafted documents, field activities at Picatinny Arsenal, upcoming events related to environmental issues at the site, and discussions at technical environmental partnering meetings. In addition, notice of new or revised relevant Federal or State regulations are also included. These newsletters are displayed on the PAERAB's website and they are also distibuted to all of the local communities situated immediately adjacent to Picatinny Arsenal. TAPP Newsletters are distributed to local elected representatives and to interested individuals who have expressed an interest in receiving information about the PAERAB's activities.

TAPP at a glance document
TAPP Fact Sheet No. 7
TAPP Basics document
Value of TAPP to the PAERAB 
USEPA TAG document
TAPP Process document
Eligible TAPP Projects

Document Reviews
Technology Assessments
Risk Assessment Review
Health Assessments
Technical Training

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