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· “LNAPL Part 2:  LNAPL Characterization and

         Recoverability,” June 14,          2011 from 2 to 4:15 pm


· “LNAPL Part 3:  evaluation LNAPL Remedial Technologies for Achieving Project Goals,” June 21, 2011 from 2 to 4:15 pm


Text Box: The Interstate Technical Regulatory Council (ITRC) has scheduled the following on-line courses:
 “LNAPL Part 1:  An Improved Understanding of LNAPL Behavior in the Subsurface,” June 7, 2011 from 2 to 4:15 pm

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· “Project Risk Management for Site Remediation,” June 23, 2011 from 11 am to 1:15 pm


· “Decision Framework for Applying Monitored Natural Attenuation Processes

documentation of cover conditions to be taken when the ground is snow-free.  Also several signs were noted to be missing and requested to be replaced by the USEPA. The most significant comment related to a change of land use that allegedly occurred without prior notification of regulators (see p. 5 - Land Use Certification report). Mr. Ted Gabel, the Army’s project


Text Box: The Interim Remedial Action Report for Group 3, Site 2 dated February 2011 was approved by the USEPA on March 8, 2011. 
The 2010 Annual Land Use Certification dated April 2011 was found to be satisfactory by the USEPA on April 21, 2011 with some exceptions.  The exceptions included a request for future photographic

manager for environmental restoration at the arsenal, states that on May 10 the Army  responded to this USEPA comment with the explanation that notification did occur, that no soils left the site and that neither the onsite construction nor the site’s land use changed.

The Group 1 Sites Interim Remedial Action Report


 dated April 2011 was approved by the USEPA on April 28, 2011.


 Unique expertise with munitions, MEC and unexploded ordnance (UXO). However, there exist in the state of New Jersey several other sites contaminated with munitions, MEC and UXO  besides Picatinny Arsenal. As one might expect, the board has been informed that Mr. Zalaskus’ particular work caseload is most daunting and that the total amount of state resources devoted to MEC related environmental activities is rather limited. Accordingly, several years past, the board had actively expressed its concern to state legislators, state elected officials and NJDEP executives that additional state resources should be allocated to the resolution

Text Box: Environmental regulators and agency personnel participating in the Picatinny Arsenal cleanup effort were informed in an April 4 of 2011e-mail from Mr. Greg Zalaskus, a NJDEP Case Manager who is also its official representative to the PAERAB, that the NJDEP is contemplating a realignment of administrative personnel assigned to the arsenal’s cleanup. Specifically, it is anticipated that the NJDEP’s oversight role will be subdivided to enable Mr. Zalaskus to devote more of his efforts exclusively to MEC issues. Mr. Zalaskus is deemed to be one of a small amount of NJDEP specialists who possesses relatively

of our state’s MEC, munitions and UXO concerns and – in particular – to those concerning Picatnny Arsenal. As a result, additional personnel have recently been assigned to augment NJDEP’s existing resources. For example, Mr. Jim Pastorick of UXOPro was recently contracted by the NJDEP to focus exclusively on its UXO issues. In part this is due to the board’s appeals and also to the fact that the NJDEP itself has in recent years been implementing a vast and comprehensive program of organizational restructuring and policy review. In his e-mail Mr. Zalaskus informed the PAERAB that the NJDEP’s


 restructuring has resulted in its separation of the Emergency Management

organizational unit from that of Site Remediation.

It is tentatively expected that the NJDEP will soon assign oversight responsibility for the arsenal’s non-MEC cleanup activities to another NJDEP official, possibly associated with the Bureau of Case Management. Although certain individuals have been unofficially mentioned as being under consideration apparently no firm official selection has yet been made.



Text Box: Change of NJDEP Staff for Picatinny Arsenal Cleanup
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